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Handling failure using Xor and Validated data types

How to handle failure in Cats using Xor and Validated data types

by Marcin Gorczyński
October 20, 2016
Tags : Scala Functional Programming Cats

Handling Split Brain scenarios with Akka

A short introduction to the Split Brain scenarios and how to handle them with Akka

by Marcin Gorczyński
October 13, 2016
Tags : Scala Akka Reactive Platform

Compile-time Queries with Quill

Overview of Quill, a new library for working with databases, which provides compile-time query generation and validation using macros.

by Mateusz Bilski
July 21, 2016
Tags : Quill SQL Slick Scala

Your first microservices using Scala and Lagom

Build your first microservices using Scala and Lagom platform

by Arkadiusz Kaczyński
July 14, 2016
Tags : Scala Lagom Microservices Reactive Platform

Learning Scala macros with Each

Some say, the best way to learn is by example. In this post we will grab the 'Each' library by ThoughtWorks, explain why it's useful, how it was designed (macros, implicits and other cool Scala stuff) and try to reuse them in our code. The goal is to learn by exploring Each and pick up some Scala ideas along the way.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
June 23, 2016
Tags : Scala Macro

Overview of free monad in cats

Implementation of simple application using free monad from cats library

by Krzysztof Wyczesany
June 2, 2016
Tags : Scala Functional Programming Free Monad

Domain specific types in a play framework project.

In this post we look at two approaches to dealing with domain specific types - unboxed tagged types and case classes and how well they integrate with play framework 2.4 and slick 3.0.

by Dominik Zajkowski
May 26, 2016
Tags : Scala Play framework Slick Macro

Reflections on starting Android project with Scala

Reflections after starting my first Android project in Scala: troubles, solutions, workarounds.

by Mateusz Kubuszok
May 19, 2016
Tags : Android Scala SBT

Improving your project with SBT

How can we use SBT to make our Scala project more manageable: modules, style checking and testing.

by Mateusz Kubuszok
May 12, 2016
Tags : Scala SBT

Managing React state with Redux

Why state in web applications is important and why you should use Redux to manage data flow.

by Tomasz Lewiński
May 5, 2016
Tags : Javascript Flux Redux React