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OrientDB and Scala - Getting started

OrientDB is awards winning Graph Database with a lot of other features. In this articles series I'll try to say a little about database itself and how you can use it from Scala. In first article I'll try to explain what OrientDB is and how it works.

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by Mariusz Nosiński
November 26, 2015
Tags : OrientDB Graphs Databases

Websockets Server with akka-http

If you want to know how to use `akka-http` to build your own server, you may find it worth your while reading this article. You'll learn how to build a websocket server. Some other topics are covered here, e.g. basic REST responses or akka-stream processing.

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by Mariusz Nosiński
July 30, 2015
Tags : Scala Akka Akka Http Akka Streams Websockets

Dynamic member lookup in Scala

A lot of dynamically typed languages have function that catch-all all messages doesn't exists in the object. It gives these languages a lot of power to write DSL. With Scala, you have an opportunity to write DSLs in the same way. Learn why and how.

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by Mariusz Nosiński
May 21, 2015
Tags : Scala Dynamic DSL