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Good practices for Android app localization

Have you ever had to translate your Android application into another language and you found it hard? Take a look at what obstacles you might run into, and how to avoid them.

by Maciej Serafin Jacek Modrakowski
June 22, 2017
Tags : Mobile Android Localization

Optics beyond Lenses with Monocle

Most Scala developers have heard about Lenses. But there are much more optics in Monocle

by Michał Sitko
June 15, 2017
Tags : Scala Monocle Optics Functional Programming

Wake up from the iOS localization nightmare

Localization is not an easy job and generates tons of different problems. Happily, in the iOS world are some simple code tools and marketing stuff to remember about that can significantly help you during that painful process. As addressing all of them would require writing a book, this post focuses on small improvements that significantly make our life easier.

by Łukasz Komorowski Rafał Rybakowski Maciej Burda
June 8, 2017
Tags : iOS Mobile Localization

Why you should know Monix

Advocating value of Monix asynchronous programming library

by Lech Głowiak
June 1, 2017
Tags : Monix Scala Reactive Streams

Avoiding Unnecessary Object Instantiation with Specialized Generics

What are the implications of boxing/unboxing? How can we decrease heap memory allocation? Read on to find out

by Zahari Dichev
May 25, 2017
Tags : Scala Performance