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Handle side-effects with Redux-Saga

In this topic, I would like to introduce Redux-Saga and show how does this library makes handling side-effects easier, our code more readable and our project more scalable...

by Oleksandr Oleksiv
January 16, 2019
Tags : Redux React Frontend Javascript

User Authentication with Keycloak - Part 2: Akka HTTP backend

Continuing from the previous part where we created a Keycloak-secured React webapp, let's now do the same with a matching Akka HTTP backend.

by Jakub Mikulski
December 6, 2018
Tags : Scala Akka Http Keycloak

Discover React Hooks

Hooks are new way of handling and abstracting logic in React. They can be used to enhance functional components with functionalities previously available only in class components.

by Tomasz Lewiński
November 13, 2018
Tags : React Javascript Frontend

Storing files on Amazon S3 with Alpakka AWS S3 connector

Storing an uploaded file in the S3 bucket typically involves using a temporary file. Let's see how this can be simplified with the help of alpakka S3 connector and how those two approaches compare with each other.

by Michał Kreft
September 24, 2018
Tags : Scala Akka Http Alpakka Amazon S3

User Authentication with Keycloak - Part 1: React front-end

Are you annoyed by how tedious and unnecessarily complex it can sometimes be to include user authentication mechanisms in your application? Keycloak to the rescue!

by Jakub Mikulski
June 7, 2018
Tags : Scala React Keycloak