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Scalac Weekly Digest#2

Hi folks!

Ready for some interesting links from the web? This week there’s a lot of Scala and Programming in general. Falko Riemenschneider is foretells end of OOP, The Secret Lives Of Data helps us to imagine how Raft works using a very nice animation, Typesafe strengthens their tools and more. Enjoy your read!

Jamie Allen from Typesafe explains how to interview Scala developers.

Awesome animation explaining how Raft consensus protocol works in practice. Nice, especially if you are allergic to convoluted white-papers.

Do we need OOP at all?

New alpha release of Akka Streams with new FlowGraph DSL.

DBuild in Typsafes answer to Scala version upgrade issues and a debugging tool at the same time. Basic idea is to compile whole Scala ecosystem with every Scala compiler build to see if something breaks. This is exciting!

Itamar Haber is talking about 5 things he learned when using Redis. If you are using this great database or planning to do so it’s something for you.

What is a hacker, really? If you’re having trouble to explain hacker term to not so tech savvy people as I do, this video will help.

ART vs. Dalvik comparison. ART beats Dalvik to the ground regarding performance which means better battery life a sole reason to upgrade. If you have Android 4.4 device you can change it under Developer Options.

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