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Scalac Weekly Digest#3

Hi folks!

This weeks edition of digest is really diverse. We have topics from all over IT, from work organisation, throught the world of mobile, Scala and robots up to Machine Learning. We are sure everyone will find something worthwhile.

Thomas Knoll is looking for a way to improve communication and information flow in his company. And he’s got a valid point. Worth to think it through.

Bringing modern asynchronous and event-based programs to Android. In the long term it really helps you to build robust mobile applications by simplifying the data flow.

Facebook published some interesting findings that, although obvious if you think about them, very often get ignored dring the development. A worthy reminder if you target scale, and I’m sure you do.

Programming AI is hard and we tend to pass hard task to machines. So why won’t we make robots program themselves? This might be a huge step forward.

Deep mind did some awesome work in the field of deep learning and was quickly acquired by Google. now this open source project wants to rebuild their project. Looks promising

How to configure SBT 0.13.6.

Although we aren’t fans nor users of Silk Road it’s interesting how sometimes it’s easy to break into a system by using some smart Machine Learning tricks.

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