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Scalac Weekly Digest#4

Hi folks!

Welcome to the this weeks edition of Scalac digest. This time we prepared few very diverse topics. This week we learned about improving workflow, architecture, IoT and even a bit about game development. Now it’s time to share the knowledge. We hope you will enjoy it.

Mark Mennell dives into the topic of creating multiplayer games. Interesting for both aspiring gamedevs and independent creators.

Some thoughts on introducing Code Review and how it should work in practice, but not always is. Worth checking out.

Seeing the huge potential in Internet of Things Google launched a project that might end up as a search engine for smart things. The future is now.

Short article about practical considerations of microservices, benefits and challenges it brings. A ‘must read’ if you are thinking about breaking monolithic architectures.

In the current flood of NoSQL datastores it easy to loose track of what are you actually looking for. This benchmark will help you to compare popular solutions in terms of performance.

Do like challenges and cryptography? If yes, then this site is for you.

Zach Holman from Github talks about how to move fast with improvements while keeping code quality and customer satisfaction. Great article!

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