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Scalac Weekly Digest#7

Hi folks!

Welcome to this weeks edition of Scalac weekly digest. I hope you all had a great week and are ready to jump into links we prepared for you. This time we want to show you some interesing videos and share with you some ideas, that might (at least in our opinion) improve frontend development. We hope you will enjoy it.

In this video Associate Professor Andrea Morello from University of New South Wales explains how it is possible to achieve temperatures very close 0K (−273.15°C) using quantum physics. He explains how ‘zero-point motion’ makes it possible to use Helium-3 and Helium-4 in a dilution fridge to get down to only thousandths of degrees above absolute zero.

A gentle introduction to Om - a ClojureScript library built on top of Facebook React framework. Interesting not only for Clojure developers, since it shows how functional principles like immutability can be used in the frontend layer and how they can help to create simpler and more manageable applications.

In his article Eric Bidelman, a Google employee working on Polymer framework, presents the power of this new framework. The key feature that Polymer is offering frontend devs is the ability to create and reuse tags, which are small components that embed both presentation and logic. Using them Eric was able to quickly create an app that is responsive, dynamically loads content, has deep linking and more. Quite impressive if you ask me

An amusing and insightful talk given by Scott Hanselman at Velocity Santa Clara 2014. Definitely worth your time.

Javascript guru Eric Elliot talks about the biggest misconceptions programmers coming from ‘classical OO languages’ face when coding in Javascript. Sometimes, when you are moving to a new environment it’s good to leave your old habits behind. And this article is all about it.

Since Scalac is working mostly remote we know exactly how hard is to work from a distant location, away from the rest of the team. This article shares some advice on how to deal with such a situation.

10 rules that make your mobile app so additive users won’t turn it off. A must read for everyone developing or thiking about developing mobile apps.

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