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Scalac Weekly Digest#8

Hi folks!

This week is pumped with loads of interesting stuff. From functional programming in Javascript, through Reactive Streams implementation for RabbitMQ to code review best practices, Enjoy!

In this tutorial you’ll learn functional Javascript by implementing map, filter, reduce and zip. If you have trouble solutions are provided, all you need is browser.

Good Scala practices about things that aren’t enforced by the compiler. I like the first rule: “0.1 MUST NOT follow advice blindly”

Simple advices how to make your code easier to review.

Want to play with drones? This article is packed with videos how to fly them properly and a list of good starter drones if you want to buy one.

Reactive Rabbit is a Scala implementation of Reactive Streams specification for RabbitMQ. It is implemented by our own Michal Kiedys

Want to land job and Facebook or Twitter? Then start hacking on an open source project!

Very detailed article about writing games with AngularJS.

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