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Scalac Weekly Digest#9

Hi folks!

Welcome to digest #9. This week’s issue is focused on functional programming and different flavours of concurrency, both on JVM and in general. We hope it will satisfy your curiosity. See you next week!

Quick intro to Erlang. Must-read before starting of a new project.

Intro to new Akka Streams API.

This article is a detailed description of LMAX retail financial trading platform. The maker faced a very tough problem. They had to ensure extremely high throughput with low latency, while keeping concurrency under control. The result is a super efficient open source tool called LMAX Disruptor. Definitely worth checking out.

Very ambitious project, we would like to support at least by spreading the word. A group of scientists and enthusiasts are trying to build a simple life form inside the computer. The big picture is that, if we can simulate a simple and well described organism using computers, we can get a better insights into how our own bodies and brains work. Really groundbreaking.

This presentation explains how Netflix approaches the topic of growth and value delivering. It’s crucial to learn from the best.

An interesting idea how to bind UI programming with functional concepts. On one hand this approach reuses well known patterns and on the other introduces new ways of thinking about programming in javascript.

Reactive Programming is booming. It’s everywhere - in your browser, on the backend and even in your mobile device. This talk is an argument for using reactive approach during mobile development. It explains how we can solve complex problems using relatively simple functional tricks.

This JVM focused talk describes various tactics for dealing with concurrency. It shows both advantages and trade-offs of traditional models as well as modern actor/channel based approaches. In a simple way the author explains abstract concepts and things we should consider when designing a complex concurrent system.

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