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Scalac Weekly Digest#10

Hi folks!

Welcome to the tenth edition of Scalac Weekly Digest. We all hope you enjoy it so far. This week we discovered some interesting articles about Scala and distributed programming, web performance, operations and work organization. It covers various topics and we’re sure you will enjoy it as much as we did. See you next week!

Oren Ellenbogen describes in his blog post how companies could benefit from working remote. He debunks the myth that working away from the office leads to poor performance of employees.

The link above will lead you to a very intersting article about how the field of DevOps has changed since Doker was developed. It also describes its shortcomings and ideas that might help to mitigate them. Some of intriguing emerging trends in this field are unikernels and immutable infrastructure.

Tumblr released an open-source library for creating lightweight, high-preformance microservices in Scala. At Scalac we wonder if and how Colossus can fit into the current technology landscape. It’s definitely worth to keep an eye on this framework.

A very informative ebook describing distributed programming. Both when it comes to working in a distributed team and on a distributed product. The book is written mostly by O’Reilly but also, what is quite unusual, is open to outside contributions. We would love to see more initiatives like these.

Julien Tournay describes in his blog posts the internal architecture of Play framework. Since Play is the default web framework for Scala you will probably use it sooner or later and it’s always beneficial to understand the tools you are using.

A detailed post analyzing the impact of encryption on web performance. Explains the topic in depth.

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