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Scalac Weekly Digest#11

Hi folks!

Welcome to this week’s issue of Scalac Digest. This time we prepared for you some intersting articles on Javascript and trends in it’s development, how to handle large amounts of data in distributed systems and the importance of transparency at work. And of course there are links about Scala and Akka too. We hope you will enjoy the links and see you next week.

Scala veteran Josh Suereth discusses Scala features that made it gain traction so rapidly. Good primer for programmers starting their adventure with Scala, as well as a guide for more advanced Scala coders.

Akka is a tool that is very often used when doing real-life Scala projects. This blog posts will guide you step by step through the framework and help you to understand it better.

Insightful article about UX consideration when using Javascript as the primary vehicle for doing frontend development. It debunks some common myths considering Single Page Applications. It’s main target however is to help create apps which are performant and pleasant to use.

One of those things that might feel painful when doing large scale Javascript apps is the lack of enforced types, which make reasoning, documenting and testing apps more difficult. To deal with this issue three major IT companies created their own type-checked languages, that aim to replace Javascript. This post provides an comparison between Microsoft TypeScript, Facebook Flow and Google AtScript, so it will be easier for you to pick your favorite.

Cool post about misusing queues and how to deal with the flood of big data.

When talking about huge amounts of data, Twitter is one of the companies that comes to mind. Recently Twitter announced that they will index all public Tweets since 2006. Here you can take a look on how they engineered a system able to deal with this difficult task.

This blog posts deal with the issue of transparency inside an company and how it helps to grow confidence and team spirit. Worth taking a look, not only by managers.

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