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Scalac Weekly Digest#12

Hi folks!

Welcome to the Scala Weekly digest #12.

This week we’ve prepared for you a set of Scala, REST API design and self motivation articles. Alessandro Vermeulen about his thoughs on advanced Akka course. Tadas Vilkeliskis about Kafka and handling 150MB of data each second. Andrey Cheptsov wrote a really cool set of most common navigational patterns in IntelliJ IDEA. If you ever had problem reading your twitter/fb/whatever instead of doing something meaningfull Oliver Emberton has very easy hack for it. Next on David Cancel tells how to transform into product driven company structuring your teams around product more effectively. Last but not least, an excellent and comprehensive document how to design your API from the bottom to the top, best practices distilled.

It’s good to know hidden features of your favourite IDE. IntelliJ IDEA has hundreds of powerful features like that. Here you have the top 20 navigation features. Check out even if you are IDEA advanced user.

A consice yet comprehensive explanation of the Scala types, their use cases and the relations between them. Especially helpful for those who begin the adventure with Scala.

In his blogpost David Cancel from Hubspot argues, that although you might call your company customer-focused you aren’t one until you reorganise the whole structure around solving customer problems.

A few tips that will make your Restful APIs more idiomatic and easier to use. These ideas were proven to be effective by the Heroku team, while designing their platform API. Worth checking out.

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