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Scalac Weekly Digest#13

Hi folks!

Welcome to the first digest in 2015. We are happy to be with you for the second year. Hope you will learn and get inspired by the material we prepared for you.

Scala puzzlers is an initiative that brings together traps, pitfalls and corner cases of Scala. Here you can test how good your understanding of the language is … and get surprised a few times. Better to learn it here while having fun, rather than when debuging a production system.

Apache Spark is said to be the next big thing of big data and a successor to Hadoop. In this video Dean Wampler argues why this Scala based framework is superior to Hadoop and how it can be used to face modern data challenges like streaming, storing data and distributing computation.

In this article Addy Osmani described what changed in frontend programming in 2014 and what might become huge in the upcoming year.

Writing skills are important even for the “math kids”.

Meet the best programmer of them all - mother nature. This article shows that every living being can be seen as a system, both complex and perfectly organised. Worth checking out.

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