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Scalac Weekly Digest#14

Hi folks!

Welcome to Digest #14. This time we prepared a lot of Scala content and some work related tips for everyone. On top of that we also have something about AI and Javascript. Enjoy

Article about Engineers of Avention’s Austin office that has oportunity to pick language for their new project. Read why they’ve chosen Scala.

All Scala devs know how easy it is to compose functional code, but how about composing whole systems in the same manner? Marius Eriksen from Twitter explains how they achieved composition on system level. It’s functional all the way down!

This article is for the curious about how Scala works intenally. With this simple trick you will be able to get better insight into the compilation and code scalac is producing.

This might become another breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence. AI is defeating humans in more and more difficult tasks. This time it’s poker.

Angular Air is a video podcast about Angular.js created by JS veterans Todd Motto and Kent Dodds. Probably the only one where you can hear Angular founders and core team members.

Programming guru Eric Meijer has recently sparked controversy when he criticised Agile manifesto. Here’s an article about that. Do you agree with him?

Some great reads for business people and entrepreneurs. If you consider starting a company, you can start with this list.

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