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Scalac Weekly Digest#15

Hi folks!

Welcome to another edition of Scalac Weekly Digest. In the 15th edition we will focus on Functional Programming and programming in general. We hope that you will get enough inspiration and learn something out of content we carefully digested and shared with you.

The purpose of this article is to elaborate on Currying and Partial Application, show the differences and similarities between these techniques and (most importantly) how you can use them in your Scala code. It will surely help you out in writing better code.

We decided to put this talk into our digest because it shows how current approaches to storing data might be turned upside down by applying functional concepts to it. And by “upside down” we don’t mean worse or strange …. but practical and efficient.

Javascript guru Eric Elliott describes how functional approach might change frontend programming for better. Also make sure to check out links provided by Eric, you won’t be dissapointed.

Usually Legacy sounds very bad. In this speech you will gain positive perspective on it and how too write so good code that could become legacy.

Code review might be a great tool for learning and improving coding standards in a project, but it works only if done properly. In order to remember about all the necessary things it’s good to have a checklist. The link above will show you how a PR checklist could look like. Very practical.

Facebook is well known for their policy of releasing code as open source. This time this IT gigant open sourced their machine learning tools. It’s always worth to check what tools the best are using.

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