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Scalac Weekly Digest#16

Hi folks!

Welcome to this weeks edition of Digest. This edition is full of frontend tips. Both for those who like to tinker with JavaScript and those who would prefer to stick with Scala. Our team also gathered a few nice articles regarding work culture from Airbnb,Andreessen Horowitz and Scott Hanselman.

If you love Scala and if you want to use it everywhere, even when writing client side code, you should go deeper into Scala.js project. From this article you’ll learn how to use Scala.js easily and efficiently.

This week ScalaC fell in love with Scala.js. The link above leads to a series of blogposts that will guide you and show how to create a full stack Scala app with Play framework and Scala.js. Cool stuff.

AngularJS presents a remarkable number of interesting design choices in its code base. Two particularly interesting cases are the way in which scopes work and how directives behave. By reading this article you should gain much more better understanding of those fundamental AngularJS concepts.

We all do care about web and we really would like to see it to be as fast as possible. Here are some tips and tricks on how to improve speed of your JavaScript code.

Working in IT means working in teams. But what makes team a good team ? This link will help you gain a more profound perspective on this topic.

Move fast and break things. You probably know this motto. But how do you move fast with a messy code? How do you make sure your code will allow you to move quickly in the future? How do you do that at scale? Here are some tips from Airbnb.

Andreessen Horowitz is a well known Silicon Valley based venture capital firm. These are the topics that they consider ‘hot’ this year. If they are willing to invest money in that, it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Programmers consider themselves busy people and very often it is the case with them. But how do you make sure you are not busy, but productive? Here’s one take on the topic.

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