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Scalac Weekly Digest#18

Hi folks!

This week we brought you a bunch of diverse articles to read. We have found some great links about programming in Scala, Clojure and Javascript. Have fun

One of the biggest advantages of using Scala is the rich type system. In fact programming in Scala is all about the type safety. The blog post above will introduce you to the concept of wrapper which is a nice way to bundle semantics and value together.

React is the next big thing in javascript programming. It is gaining momentum and we are curious to find out how this ends. Here are few short takeaways about “all things React” for busy coders.

Monads explained. As fish …

An ambitious project aiming to bring core-async from Clojure to Scala. Looks promising.

Few tips for entrepreneurs, innovators and makers on how to move from idea to product.

This blogpost covers a very important aspect of every computer program - performance. It explains how small mistakes, that often slip past our attention, can slow down your software.

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