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Scalac Weekly Digest#20

Hi folks!

Welcome to the 20th edition of the Scalac Weekly digest. We are really happy that you have been with us for the last five months. This week we are focusing on providing you with programming related material. We’ve selected the most interesting links about Scala, Javascript and Clojure for you. See you next week

In his talk James Ward takes a look at Reactive frameworks and tries to compare them against each other. Interesting. Especially for those lost in the marketing noise.

This blogpost covers creating a domain workflow using Kleisli implemented in scalaz library. Instructive for anyone interested in functional patterns and providing maximum type safety.

Akka Streams project was created as a way of handling large ammount of data. The link above is an example on how to use this technology for such tasks, by doing the “Big Data Hello World” application - indexing Tweets.

Wait, what? Death of JavaScript? Well, not exactly. Funny yet interesting talk by Gary Bernhardt about the history of JavaScript from 1995 until 2035.

Most annoying thing in developers world is to wait for something… If you want to tests ReactJs fast (maybe even do some TDD) with tools you know, this article is for you.

Building cross platform applications has always been a hot topic (write once, run anywhere). The biggest problem is the performance… This solution provided by flipboard developers is just awesome! They are using Canvas with ReactJs to deliver Native-like experience - a must-read position!

This article is a funny and insightful look on functional programming and the traits it was built upon.

A “must watch” video for everyone interested in Clojure and Functional Programming as a whole.

A different take on Moore’s Law and what will it bring us in the future.

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