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Scalac Weekly Digest#21

Hi folks!

Did you miss our digest ? This week we handpicked some articles mostly related to functional programming, especially in Scala. Mobile developers might benefit from information about NativeScript, one of very recent Facebook efforts. Our digest is rounded up by taking a deeper look at libraries helping you out with fragments and structuring your Android apps. Enjoy!

The article contains nice explanation of macros. If you didn’t use this useful feature of Scala before, here’s a chance for you. And you can trust us, it’s not so hard as you might think.

Reactive Streams are a hot topic right now. If you would like to start working with streams, this article is a great place to start. Bryan Gilbert explores the akka-stream library and in a very simple manner explains who, how and why can benefit from this technology.

This article drops the dreaded “M” more than a few times …but have no fear about it. This post will help you to understand the key ideas behind building blocks of functional programming.

Recently Facebook astonished us all, when they pushed Javascript onto mobile platforms while keeping it efficient. That’s kind of a magic. Aren’t you curious how does it really work? Take a look into the magical world of NativeScript.

Switching to Android from Scala might be painful. You have to drop many useful programming concepts, go back to writing bloated Java classes and the API feels just sad. Apparently the guys and gals at Square feel the same so they published two nice libraries that aim to simplify using Android fragments and structuring applications.

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