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Summary of TSUG meeting

Our meeting

Tricity Scala User Group is an initiative started by Scalac to promote Scala, it’s ecosystem and functional programming in general. Last week we held another TSUG meeting. This time we met in Dwie Zmiany club in Sopot. Although it was Friday we had a room full of Scala enthusiasts eager to learn and share their knowledge. We had two speakers to give interesting talks. After that we spent the time networking, drinking free beer and eating Scalac-cookies :)

First was Nuno Teixeira (you can find him here) from Codacy, who talked about their Scala based stack and how they approached scaling and growing their application. He showed a bit of their codebase, talked about the problems they had, how they managed to fix them and about their plans for the future. The presentation is available here

After that our Scala hAkker Patryk Jażdżewski, gave a talk “Scala on Android” in which he explained how we can create applications on Android using Scaloid. In this whirlwind tour Patryk walks through the recognized Scala features and shows how Scaloid is using them to make Android programming more user-friendly. You can check his slides here

We hope to see you at the next meeting! You can join us on Meetup

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