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How Scalac changed in 2015

Scalac is a new company, founded just recently in early 2014. We haven’t even had our 2nd birthday… yet. We are looking back on 2015 to recognize the things we did well, things that could be improved and learn from things that didn’t go as planned at all. This post is about us celebrating our small victories.

How we grew in 2015?

In 2015 we:

  • grew our team - 39 new awesome people joined Scalac
  • had a fresh start with our blog and published 40 new blog posts
  • helped 9 clients in building awesome products
  • worked hard on our own product Huntly publishing 11 app versions
  • … which added gamification to 10 conferences and was played by over 2000 people in just a few months
  • added Clojure consulting to our offer
  • opened an office in San Francisco
  • organized 7 TSUG meetings
  • helped to organize 10 conferences
  • … and gave talks at 14 meetups and conferences
  • open sourced 3 of our projects
  • had 1 person taking part in our apprenticeship program we started just recently in November
  • had 2 trainees working at Scalac as part of CODE 2.0
  • grew our Twitter followers count by 384
  • had fun on 3 company meetings


As you can see 2015 was a busy year for us. We hope the next year will be as good as this one.

See you in 2016!

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by Patryk Jażdżewski
December 31, 2015
Tags : Working Scalac