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I'm a passionate software developer, who really enjoys to write the code. What keeps me going is that I basically love to watch things working as they should. My career began with mobile apps development, but I soon realized that doing the user interface stuff and being only a client of some bigger logic is not my cup of tea. I wanted to work on real data, provide the real mechanisms, not just to be a consumer of these goods. That's why I became a dedicated back-end developer. Currently working in Scala as this language lets you do the marvellous things in not too cumbersome way. Besides that all the newest, craziest and the biggest libraries are there for Scala so yeah, how could I resist? Besides programming I like running, exploring the beautiful places and simply talking with people. There's nothing better than having some beer on the edge of a cliff...

Developing your first Tizen Galaxy Gear2 App - Tips

Samsung Galaxy Gear2 smartwatches are some nice new wearables from Samsung. Although we already know that Android Wear is on its way, it will take some time for it to arrive. Why not take this opportunity to develop your first app for Gear2?

by Adam Nadoba
July 30, 2014
Tags : Galaxy Gear2 Tizen SDK Samsung Wearables Android