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My objective in life is an assorted mix of fulfilling my own curiosity in the job and enjoying the place where it is located, thus enriching both my professional career and my life experience. Delivering reliable OO projects throughout my whole career, I am now diving into the functional world, trying to spread out Clojure gems. I have worked in Italy for nearly three years, then I decided to prove myself abroad, starting from scratch, as a volunteer. I have travelled and visited different parts of the world, enjoying every second spent with the people I have met. I have used my skills for a worthy cause, enjoying application design and real-world problem solving.

Require in self-hosted ClojureScript

An informative tour of ClojureScript's require in Replumb.

by Andrea Richiardi
December 21, 2015
Tags : Clojure ClojureScript Replumb

How we embedded ClojureScript in our GitHub pages

A brief guide on how to write ClojureScript blog posts if you are using GitHub pages.

by Andrea Richiardi
October 19, 2015
Tags : Clojure Github ClojureScript Reagent