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I am a software developer focusing on delivering high quality solutions on time while using agile driven approach and communication with every stakeholder.From the beginning I have been using JVM technologies, starting from Java but quickly moved to Scala as my main language. Although for some time I have focused mainly on backend work, in the past I had a chance to work with Android ecosystem, Javascript and other frontend technologies.

Your first microservices using Scala and Lagom

Build your first microservices using Scala and Lagom platform

by Arkadiusz Kaczyński
July 14, 2016
Tags : Scala Lagom Microservices Reactive Platform

Web applications with photo service - easy peasy or a hard nut

Have you ever thought about creating dedicated photo service for your application? If so, then you have many possible use cases to consider. I'll try to give you a few tips based on a real life expierience, that could help in designing and maintaning such a service.

by Arkadiusz Kaczyński
February 7, 2014
Tags : Web app Photo