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Software engineer. I'm serious about both codebase and people involved in project. My target is to deliver robust software.

When old-school developer goes freestyle

Free Algebras based programs with Freestyle: toolkit basics, story of login module development and personal impressions.

by Lech Głowiak
July 13, 2017
Tags : Scala Functional Programming Free Monad

Reactive streams for RabbitMQ with Monix

Learn how you can use Monix library for creating reactive streams for RabbitMQ. Monix makes it simpler than you think!

by Lech Głowiak
June 29, 2017
Tags : Monix Scala Reactive Streams RabbitMQ

Why you should know Monix

Advocating value of Monix asynchronous programming library

by Lech Głowiak
June 1, 2017
Tags : Monix Scala Reactive Streams