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Entrepreneurial developer involved in building startups since university studies. Proven track of record & versatile experience in full stack web development on whole vertical - from client side to distributed backend stuff. As software engineer I gained thorough experience with LAMP stack, then moved to J2EE world and nowadays I still prefer to develop on JVM, but with clear focus on Scala based reactive & distributed systems utilizing functional programming principles. I also possess decent JavaScript and being also fully comfortable to work on frontend, if needed, with strong preference for React and utilizing functional / reactive approach when it comes to UI development. Having startup experience as a technical co-founder I understand the lifecycle and aspects of digital product management and development which makes me a strong fit for startups seeking high impact, enthusiastic engineers. Please do not bother yourself with connecting with me regarding Java/J2EE projects. Had enough of those, thanks. Currently I am actively gaining passive & active experience with Spark and related big data technologies, with personal interest in gaining competence in machine learning field to solve some real business challenges.

Functional programming on frontend with React & ClojureScript

Lately all of my frontend work at ScalaC projects was done mostly using React. Recently lot of companies started to adopt this powerful framework. Since we are Scala shop and fans of functional approach as well as interested in using other functional languages I decided to give a try to ClojureScript and see how it might play together with React. In fact, those 2 technologies are playing together very nicely and enable you to build scalable and well performing UIs in functional way.

by Marek Tomas
April 2, 2015
Tags : ClojureScript Clojure Javascript Frontend