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Personally just a 'developer' without X in front of it. I enjoy learning new things, especially more abstract like mathematics or algorithmics. Currently working with Scala, since to me functional programming feels more mathematical, antithetical and pure. I've also got experience with commercial programming in imperative languages like Java and C++, as well several small projects in other languages under my belt.

Setting up Mattermost

In this post I want to describe, how I configured my Mattermost server step by step.

by Mateusz Kubuszok
October 27, 2016
Tags : Mattermost Slack

Reflections on starting Android project with Scala

Reflections after starting my first Android project in Scala: troubles, solutions, workarounds.

by Mateusz Kubuszok
May 19, 2016
Tags : Android Scala SBT

Improving your project with SBT

How can we use SBT to make our Scala project more manageable: modules, style checking and testing.

by Mateusz Kubuszok
May 12, 2016
Tags : Scala SBT