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I'm a software consultant always looking for a problem to solve. Although I focus on Scala and related technologies at the moment, during the last few years I also got my hands dirty working on Android and JavaScript apps. My goal is always to solve an problem and learn something from it. When working with teams I follow the 'The Boy Scout' Rule - 'Always check a module in cleaner state than when you checked it out'. I think this rule is so good, that I extend it also to other aspects of software development - I try to improve communication patterns, processes and practices ... and all the things that might seem non-technical, but are vital to projects success.

Exploring Tagless Final pattern for extensive and readable Scala code

In this post we will be exploring a more advanced pattern from functional programming - Tagless Final. Our goal will be to show how we can use it make our programs on one hand simpler, on another easy to extend

by Patryk Jażdżewski
August 10, 2017
Tags : Scala Functional Programming

Public speaking for developers 101

Level up your communication skills by picking up Public Speaking at meetups and conferences. It will boost your career and self-esteem. Here are tips to get you started.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
May 22, 2017
Tags : Scala Wave

Learning Scala macros with Each

Some say, the best way to learn is by example. In this post we will grab the 'Each' library by ThoughtWorks, explain why it's useful, how it was designed (macros, implicits and other cool Scala stuff) and try to reuse them in our code. The goal is to learn by exploring Each and pick up some Scala ideas along the way.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
June 23, 2016
Tags : Scala Macro

Apache Spark 101

Apache Spark by example. Introduction and solving an example problem

by Patryk Jażdżewski
February 4, 2016
Tags : Spark Scala

Common Scala Gotchas

In this article I would like to write down some surprising gotchas that I encountered while working with Scala code.

by Patryk Jażdżewski Tomasz Perek
January 14, 2016
Tags : Scala Akka

How Scalac changed in 2015

The end of the year is a great time to sum up changes. This post explains how Scalac changed in 2015.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
December 31, 2015
Tags : Working Scalac

Using Reactive Extensions for data binding in Scala.js

In the last post we have written a simple Scala.js app. Now we will look how we can limit the number of moving parts by adding Scala.rx

by Patryk Jażdżewski
October 1, 2015
Tags : Scala Scala.js Frontend

Scala in the browser. Getting Started with Scala.js

In this post we will take a look at Scala.js, write a simple app with it and think about it's potential use cases.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
September 24, 2015
Tags : Scala Scala.js Frontend

On working remotely

When talking with candidates I'm often asked how do we work as a distributed team. This post clarifies our point of view and gives hints on how to make remote work effective

by Scalac Team Patryk Jażdżewski
August 13, 2015
Tags : Working

Introducing Scala Slack Bot

In Scalac we use Slack for communication and more. We decided to create a framework for our custom Slack integrations, so we transform it into a living heart of our company. Here are some details on how and why we did that

by Patryk Jażdżewski
July 16, 2015
Tags : Scala Working Slack

Inventory App Part 1. Software Transactional Memory for Scala. Comparing Activate with Slick

In this blog series we will look on how we can use Akka HTTP, Activate and other useful libraries to build an application completely in Scala. This post will explore the persistence layer and how we can use STM to work with the database

by Patryk Jażdżewski
June 19, 2015
Tags : Scala Activate Slick

Inventory App Part 0. Foundations

In this tutorial series we will look on how we can use Akka HTTP, Activate and other useful libraries to build an application completely in Scala. We will explore each component in detail explaining various techniques and approaches. The first part we will lay the foundation for our app and in the next parts we will be extending this framework.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
June 18, 2015
Tags : Scala

Modes in Rapture and how you can use them to make your code more expressive

This post describes an interesting aspect of Rapture - modes. Modes allow their users to modify the return type based on which one was used.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
May 28, 2015
Tags : Scala Rapture Json

Creating Domain Specific Languages with Scala - Part 1

In this post we will elaborate a bit on how surprisingly easy it is to create Domain Specific Languages in Scala in order to simplify code.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
May 7, 2015
Tags : Scala Encog DSL Machine Learning Neural Networks Java

Quick Poll - Create a web application in 10 minutes

In this post we explore possibilities of rapid prototyping in our favorite programming language using Skinny framework

by Patryk Jażdżewski
April 22, 2015
Tags : Scala Skinny

About API driven development

Today I'm going to tell you few things about API driven development that I learned while working on my last project, where we relied heavily on the API not only as a way of getting the apps working, but also as a central point of development process.

by Patryk Jażdżewski
January 13, 2014
Tags : API API driven development ADD