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Adam Nadoba

I'm a passionate software developer, who really enjoys to write the code. What keeps me going is that I basically love to watch things working as they should. My career began with mobile apps development, but I soon realized that doing the user interface stuff and being only a client of some bigger logic is not my cup of tea. I wanted to work on real data, provide the real mechanisms, not just to be a consumer of these goods. That's why I became a dedicated back-end developer. Currently working in Scala as this language lets you do the marvellous things in not too cumbersome way. Besides that all the newest, craziest and the biggest libraries are there for Scala so yeah, how could I resist? Besides programming I like running, exploring the beautiful places and simply talking with people. There's nothing better than having some beer on the edge of a cliff...

Andrea Richiardi

My objective in life is an assorted mix of fulfilling my own curiosity in the job and enjoying the place where it is located, thus enriching both my professional career and my life experience. Delivering reliable OO projects throughout my whole career, I am now diving into the functional world, trying to spread out Clojure gems. I have worked in Italy for nearly three years, then I decided to prove myself abroad, starting from scratch, as a volunteer. I have travelled and visited different parts of the world, enjoying every second spent with the people I have met. I have used my skills for a worthy cause, enjoying application design and real-world problem solving.

Andrzej Janczak

Scala Programmer @ Scalac

Arkadiusz Kaczyński

I am a software developer focusing on delivering high quality solutions on time while using agile driven approach and communication with every stakeholder.From the beginning I have been using JVM technologies, starting from Java but quickly moved to Scala as my main language. Although for some time I have focused mainly on backend work, in the past I had a chance to work with Android ecosystem, Javascript and other frontend technologies.

Bartłomiej Dybowski

Currently Front-end developer with 10 years of experience as a developer and very good knowledge of JavaScript. Technologies, Frameworks, Libraries: - JavaScript / ReactJS / AngularJS / KnockoutJS - HTML5 / CSS3 / Less / Sass / Stylus - NPM / Bower / Grunt / Gulp / WebPack Tools: - Git / SVN - Yeoman - WebStrorm

Dominik Zajkowski

Firm believer in solving problems with code, thought out tests and frequent releases. Not exactly a fan of excessive documentation, never ending meetings or requirements set in stone.

Jacek Modrakowski

Android Ninja

Jakub Czuchnowski

I'm an experienced full-stack software developer. I love creating software and I'm interested in every architecture layer that is a part of the final product. Although I earned my master's degree in Computer Science, I always strive for deeper understang of the domain I'm currently working in. For that reason I took the postgraduate course in Banking and Bioinformatics class on Coursera. And this is only a beginning. I gained broad experience working on IT projects in many different fields and industries: financial, insurance, public, social networking and biotech. In every one of these projects I learned a great deal from smart and knowledgeable people, while at the same time I was able to contribute my own value and expertise. I'm constantly looking for interesting technologies/areas and ways they can be applied to the projects I'm working on. My main areas of interest at the moment are: - JVM in general and Scala in particular - RESTful API design - Device-agnostic web UI design - Domain-driven Design - Augmented reality - Biotechnology/bioinformatics but this list will definitely get larger with time.

Jakub Kozłowski

Young, ambitious and passionate. Software Developer, mostly developing web applications in Scala. I like to try the new & shiny, while depending on established solutions. Hoping to learn Haskell soon. Hacking since the age of 13.

Jan Ziniewicz

I am a programmer / technical project manager with over 12 years of experience in many fields, especially in Clojure, Scala and Java. My main areas of interest are distributed computing and functional programming.

Krzysztof Wyczesany

I'm a software engineer that believes that choosing the right tools is the first step to solve the problems at hand. Usually I pick Scala. It's concise syntax and functional approach allows creating easily scalable applications quickly. To meet the growing demands of the market I also employ Akka toolkit to build robust and resilient distributed architectures. These tools are needed to build 'the thing right', but understanding the problem domain is crucial to build 'the right thing'. Of course I don't know all the possible problem domains. That's why I use Domain-Driven Design to build a shared understanding and common vocabulary with domain experts.

Lech Głowiak

Software engineer. I'm serious about both codebase and people involved in project. My target is to deliver robust software.

Leszek Gruchała

Senior Software Engineer who fell in love with Scala. Java and Javascript previously. Ambitious, open minded optimist with 10 years of software development experience, including backend and frontend. Even 4 years as Team Leader and 2 years as Technical PM. Looks like people like me and my work - see recommendations! Constantly learning :-)

Maciej Serafin

Android Programmer in Scalac

Marcin Gorczyński

Scala Developer

Marek Tomas

Entrepreneurial developer involved in building startups since university studies. Proven track of record & versatile experience in full stack web development on whole vertical - from client side to distributed backend stuff. As software engineer I gained thorough experience with LAMP stack, then moved to J2EE world and nowadays I still prefer to develop on JVM, but with clear focus on Scala based reactive & distributed systems utilizing functional programming principles. I also possess decent JavaScript and being also fully comfortable to work on frontend, if needed, with strong preference for React and utilizing functional / reactive approach when it comes to UI development. Having startup experience as a technical co-founder I understand the lifecycle and aspects of digital product management and development which makes me a strong fit for startups seeking high impact, enthusiastic engineers. Please do not bother yourself with connecting with me regarding Java/J2EE projects. Had enough of those, thanks. Currently I am actively gaining passive & active experience with Spark and related big data technologies, with personal interest in gaining competence in machine learning field to solve some real business challenges.

Mariusz Nosiński

Software developer with Unix systems administration skills. Specialities: Scala,Java,Clojure, Ruby, HTML+CSS, Play! Framework,

Mat Greń

CEO at Huntly

Mateusz Bilski

Scala Developer

Mateusz Kubuszok

Personally just a 'developer' without X in front of it. I enjoy learning new things, especially more abstract like mathematics or algorithmics. Currently working with Scala, since to me functional programming feels more mathematical, antithetical and pure. I've also got experience with commercial programming in imperative languages like Java and C++, as well several small projects in other languages under my belt.

Michał Sitko

Scala Developer

Patryk Jażdżewski

I'm a software consultant always looking for a problem to solve. Although I focus on Scala and related technologies at the moment, during the last few years I also got my hands dirty working on Android and JavaScript apps. My goal is always to solve an problem and learn something from it. When working with teams I follow the 'The Boy Scout' Rule - 'Always check a module in cleaner state than when you checked it out'. I think this rule is so good, that I extend it also to other aspects of software development - I try to improve communication patterns, processes and practices ... and all the things that might seem non-technical, but are vital to projects success.

Paweł Bartkiewicz

'Impossible'? Let me check that. Applying my experience with various programming languages and technologies, I always try to push boundaries, coming up with better solutions. Recently, however, most of my work has been focused on Scala because of its expressiveness and flexibility.

Piotr Zientarski

Android dev / Game dev

Radek Tkaczyk

Scala developer with strong interest in functional programming and distributed computing

Sławomir Wójcik

Scala Consultant

Tomasz Biernacki

After having explored different languages and paradigms I've recently fallen in love with Lisp and successively have chosen Clojure as my language of choice. In the past, I've been involved mainly in .NET projects, working both as a solo programmer and in a larger team, but now I'm dedicated full-time to Clojure and functional programming.

Tomasz Lewiński

Frontend developer at Scalac

Tomasz Perek

Software Engineer with significant experience in Scala, Play! 2, Akka, Apache Spark, Spray, RabbitMQ, Hadoop, Hive, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Flex, TDD and Agile Have also very deep understanding of Real Time Bidding business. Worked in many international environments in different countries (Poland, Belarus, USA and Austria) Mother tongue polish. Speaks fluently english and russian. Specialization: Web development with scala / lift / playframework / spray Big Data with Hadoop / Hive / Spark. RESTful web services

Tomasz Sosiński

Programming enthusiast partial to functional programming and Scala with expertise in R and Python; fascinated by data (big and fast) and the ability to tell stories with information. Recommendation systems, machine learning and BigData application are fuel for his motivation. While searching for new challenges, he meanders from rendering infographics to core data transformations. Photography lover, eager biker and a huge fan of Asaf Avidan.

Zahari Dichev

Scala Consultant

Łukasz Gąsior

Scala Programmer at Scalac

Łukasz Indykiewicz

Łukasz Indykiewicz is a developer with passion for coding. Started his professional work as a Java Software Engineer, but since end of 2014 writes functional code in Scala. Co-organizer of the Chamberconf, speaker to be and regular technical meetups listener. Always keen to hear about interesting ideas.